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HypAir Balance Air Admittance Valves are one of our strategic products. They ensures free air flow in the sanitary system. It is the perfect device to protect the home from unpleasant odours.

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HypAir Balance Air Admittance Valves are a part of internal sewage systems and are designed to prevent the formation of negative pressure in the system.

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HypAir HypAir

Open membrane (negative pressure)


Closed membrane (possitive or neutral pressure)

Special design

Their special design allows for the unobstructed flow of air into sewage pipe systems and prevents unpleasant odors from spreading from the sewage system into the building.

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We are a manufacturer of modern solutions and installation systems with many years of industry experience. Capricorn supply more than 3,000 products for professional builders, contractors, engineers and do-it-yourself consumers around the world.

HypAir Balance MiniHab 1/12 - 2

HypAir Balance MiniHab 1 1/2"

HypAir Balance MiniHab 1/12 - 2

HypAir Balance MiniHab 1 1/2" - 2"

HypAir Balance MiniHab 1/12

HypAir Balance MaxiHab 2” - 3”

HypAir Balance MiniHab 1/12

HypAir Balance MaxiHab 3” - 4"


HypAir Balance Air Admittance prevents unpleasant odors from spreading from the sewage system into the building.

They also assist the free flow of sewage and reduce the risk of fire and smoke from spreading through sewage pipes by eliminating the stack effect. .

! Only professional assembly is able to ensure proper functioning of the installation.
Why Us

The values that we follow are:

Reliability and security

Capricorn’s success is the result of not only our many years of experience and the passion of our engineers, but also proper quality control of raw materials and final products.

Courage and innovation

Our technological potential is based primarily on our advanced manufacturing facilities, in-house research and development center, and engineering design laboratory.

Know-how and expertise

Expertise and commitment are our most crucial assets, while a quick and efficient response to the needs of the rapidly growing installation market enables us to tailor our offer to the current conditions.

Customer focus

We are able to adapt each of our products to the needs of any given market, providing the necessary certificates, modifying instructions, packaging, or company logos, and manufacturing according to country-specific standards.

Long-lasting relations

With our experience, know-how, and passion for designing great products, we provide our customers with high-quality solutions that ensure safe and secure operations at their facilities. 


With our experience, know-how, and passion for designing great products, we provide our customers with high-quality solutions that ensure safe and secure operations at their facilities. 


Our products meet the highest requirements regarding quality and functionality.

What is DWV?

DWV- Drainage, Waste and Vents. It’s the abbreviation used in the plumbing industry.

Can HypAir Balance air admittance valve be installed outside?

No. The HypAir Balance vents are not designed to be exposed to Ultra Violet Rays.

Can the HypAir Balance AAV be installed inside a closed wall and what are the maintenance requirements?

No, the HypAir Balance cannot be installed inside a closed wall. Remember, if the HypAir Balance has to be installed in a wall cavity, it is necessary to use the wall box with a louvered face plate. This allows the AAV to have access to the fresh air, and also allows as an access door. The HypAir Balance requires regular maintenance, taking into consideration that AAV is a mechanical device and like all mechanical devices, a maintenance routine should be set up to secure AAV is functioning properly.

Does HypAir Balance come in different sizes?

Yes. You can find our AAVs in different sizes. They come in 8 DFU capacity, 24 DFU capacity, 72 DFU capacity and 500 DFU capacity.

Can the HypAir Balance be installed horizontally?

No. The maintained position of HypAir Balance must be as close to vertical as possible. That guarantees the correct working parametres of the device.

About Us

Capricorn offers high quality, complete solutions for the supply of drinking water, energy-efficient hydronic radiant system, and indoor and outdoor drainage systems.

Our primary focus is business development and growth based on professionalism, creativity, and quality. Capricorn offers high quality, complete solutions for the supply of clean drinking water, energy-efficient surface heating and cooling systems, and indoor and outdoor water drainage systems.

45 countries

Capricorn-branded products are exported to more than 45 countries in Europe and around the world.

87 million

Our annual sales exceed
23 000 000 $

Technical standards and the quality requirements

Capricorn systems are manufactured in accordance with European technical standards and the quality requirements of ISO 9001:2015 in addition to the existing construction standards and regulations. The HypAir Balance air-admittance valver complies to ASSE Standard 1050 and 1051. All threads are compliant with the American NPT, National Pipe Thread standard.

Top-quality solutions for heating systems

We create top-quality solutions for heating systems - components which enable the construction of a complete heating system for radiators and drinking water in manifold, tee, and mixed systems.

Capricorn is a manufacturer of complete surface heating and cooling systems. The diversity of our products ensures the possibility to adapt the provided solutions to the requirements of each investment. Our products facilitate installation in both wet and dry technology, for floor, wall and ceiling surfaces. The systems include stainless-steel and brass heating and cooling distributors, mixing kits to adapt the feed factor of the underfloor-heating system to the right temperature, flush-mounted and surface-mounted cabinets, PE-RT/EVOH/PE-RT surface-heating pipes, insulating-system plates, edge tapes, Aluplate heating screens, and installation tools and components.

Wide range of products

We supply a wide range of products which apply to water-draining systems inside buildings. They include Aqua Ambient linear, wall and point bathroom inlets. They are manufactured according to the highest standards, finished with elegant stainless-steel grates, and are a functional and convenient solution for any interior.

Capricorn's sanitary air-admittance systems consist primarily of HypAir Balance aerators, venting cowls, and EPDM sealing flanges. All elements in the system are made of the highest-quality materials, resistant to external factors, and a guarantee of the durability of the installation for many years. Capricorn exhaust systems are quick and easy to install. Their purpose is to ventilate the risers of sewage installations, and tanks and canals in holding tanks. The installation of the venting system allows the effective discharge of accumulating sewage gases outside the building.

Increased comfort and safety

The elements of the external sanitary system guarantee the proper drainage of rainwater, thus increasing comfort and safety. The system comprises of an External linear dewatering system - designed for removing water from areas near the house, pedestrian traffic areas, bicycle routes, and as sports and recreational areas. Our non-return valves are designed for installation on horizontal pipe sections in sewage manholes, either inside or outside buildings. They provide anti-flooding protection and help to protect buildings against flooding due to rainwater travelling back down the sewage system. Debris gullies provide a connection between the gully system in the building and the waste-water system. Rainwater is effectively removed, protecting the building against rainwater accumulation and damage to the foundations.